Are You Resolving to be Healthier in 2015? Excellent! Now here’s 5 Insights for You!

 Are You Resolving to be Healthier in 2015? Excellent! Now here’s 5 Insights for You!

Like many of us, you’ve probably already lost the thread of how you resolved 2015 would be more than once. Of course the goal isn’t to watch water boil with your intentions every hour of the year, rather it is to plant a seed and give it the conditions where it will grow.

Here are 5  Essential Insights into the nature of our human design to help your resolutions grow, bloom, fruit and seed again.

1. Create a Dynamic Picture with Feeling

A phrase doesn’t cut it. “I’m going to be more _______________ this year.” Create an image of how you want it to look and feel. Make sure the image and the feelings match each other. Go ahead, do that right now. It will take you less than a minute.

2. Listen to Yourself and the Signals Your Body/Mind are Getting

Like watching a plant grow, you need to be in tune with the signs of what conditions are needed. Your plant will show you. Its visible.  If you don’t listen, honor and respond to the guidance messages you have, WHO WILL? Make checking-in with yourself a regular practice of your day. Ask yourself “what’s needed?” and seek to listen to what cue and signals you are getting to better adapt to your “day to day.”

3. Create Balance and Harmony in Your Lifestyle (a.k.a. Live Simply)

Long periods of sitting at desks, smoking, processed-sugar-spiked foods, data overloads, social isolation, high-velocity traumas, environmental chemical exposure are all things we aren’t well adapted to live with. It is essential then to create lifestyle that are well suited to who we are. Sometimes we get to walk several miles as our ancestors did, but sometimes we get 20 minutes on the jump rope. Its not about purity, its about feeding our human needs as best we can given our circumstances. What are the top three things you do regularly that are well suited for you? What are the top three things you do that you aren’t well suited for? Got it? Okay good, Now you know what needs to happen next, right?!

4. Deal with Your Stress

Mismatched lifestyle elements, such as lack of sleep and social isolation, will increase your chronic stress. Chronic Stress is the long term stress that becomes toxic, like lack of essential nutrients or poverty. Having Stress Intelligence then is a key factor to a healthy and successful life.

Here are the 6 best responses to stress developed by my new health and wellness training company EvoQ,  they bring vitality to the 6 Domains of Health.

  • Living out your Purpose(s) to bring significance to life.
  • Engaging your capacity to Create through expression and innovation to better adapt.
  • Connecting with your people and experience the capacity to Belong,
  • Taking the downtime to Restore by being purposeless, more still and disengaged.
  • Nourish your well-being with food that sustains your energy, your mood, and spirit.
  • Move the beautiful human body you are in ways that feels alive, challenging, and ultimately good.

5. Deal with Obstacles to Function

If there are weeds growing in your garden bed, how well will your plant grow this year? Get the health and medical care that brings you solutions. Is your schedule not leaving time for yourself? Reset your schedule. If something is in the way, work through all 5 insights to see which of them is upsetting your 2015 Resolve!

Does Acupuncture of Marin have anything else to help me with my 2015 Resolve?

Yes, absolutely yes! I’m here as a expert and resource with solutions for each of the insights introduced here.

Option A) Clinical Treatments: combining Acupuncture, Bodywork and Lifestyle Counseling

  • Soft-Tissue Injury
  • Neurological Issues and Pain
  • Postural Challenges
  • Stress-Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia
  • Insurance accepted and billed

Option B ) One 2 One Health Coaching: expert guidance to create better life-patterns that match your Resolve.

  • Master your Energy & Vitality Signaling
  • Develop Stress Intelligence
  • Create Purpose, Belong, Nourish, Move and Restore

Option C) Attend Our Monthly Classes Starting in Feb 2015

  • 9 Experiential Classes working  Stress, Vitality, 6 Domains of Health & More
  • Beginning February-March, 2015
  • $29 per class $159 for all 9

Option D) Your Best Year Ever Complete Program (YBYE)

  •  9 Experiential classes plus webinar access.
  • 24 One 2 One Health Coaching Sessions
  • 12 Clinical Treatments: Acupuncture + Massage
  • Plus Medical Metrics Testing & Consultation

 To Schedule, Learn More or Inquire, contact us at 415-454-5840 or

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