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8 Solutions to Break-Free from the Hold Sugar has on You Read more »

8 Solutions to Break-Free from the Hold Sugar has on You

There’s more sugar rich food today in the world than there has ever been before. Food company empires hire experts to crack the code of our taste buds to sneak past our mental limits and hook into our difficult to resist impulses. In short, we’re…

Coming in from the Cold Leave a comment Read more »

Coming in from the Cold

In August of most years I venture into the forest of coastal Mendocino for a retreat. The redwoods, the lodge with the ninety or so men from all walks of life, and the stories that are told from the broken and triumphant hearts of these…

Healing Emotional Heart Disease Read more »

Healing Emotional Heart Disease

Healing Emotional Heart Disease   Where most discussion of the health of the Heart addresses the physical heart, or physical heart disease (PHD), I’d like to lean on the knowledge of PHD to illustrate a comparable problem that I call Emotional Heart Disease (EHD). EHD…

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