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Coming in from the Cold Leave a comment Read more »

Coming in from the Cold

In August of most years I venture into the forest of coastal Mendocino for a retreat. The redwoods, the lodge with the ninety or so men from all walks of life, and the stories that are told from the broken and triumphant hearts of these…

Men: On Work & Love Read more »

Men: On Work & Love

This is a post from Father’s Day 2008 which received a lot of responses. I thought it would be nice to share it once again. Men: On Work & Love  It is easy for men to find their sense of worth and esteem through work…

Healing Emotional Heart Disease Read more »

Healing Emotional Heart Disease

Healing Emotional Heart Disease   Where most discussion of the health of the Heart addresses the physical heart, or physical heart disease (PHD), I’d like to lean on the knowledge of PHD to illustrate a comparable problem that I call Emotional Heart Disease (EHD). EHD…

Re-Imagining Our Approach to Health Part 2 Read more »

Re-Imagining Our Approach to Health Part 2

Cultivating our Inner-life   Meaningful Relationships & Belonging    As discussed last month, the root of the word Health means to be whole. To be whole, I am putting forth, means to be close to and resilient in our essential nature.   This next section…

Re-Imagining Our Approach to Health Read more »

Re-Imagining Our Approach to Health

Recently I was invited to present to a group of corporate professionals about Life-Balance and Health. While organizing, I had the opportunity to consider what I have learned about health over the years and coalesce some of the essential pieces into one narrative. The next…

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