Integrative Acupuncture Care

Integrative Acupuncture Care moves beyond a single-stranded approach and weaves the threads of multiple healing systems to serve the health needs of my patients. In my practice this includes…

  1. Acupuncture & Traditional Oriental Medicine
  2. Functional Endocrinology & Blood Chemistry
  3. Therapeutic Bodywork & Massage                                       
  4. Holistic Counseling (scroll down)
  5. Working with other medical providers on behalf of my patients. 

Holistic Counseling

Everyone on this road of life has a health-story. It seems we are always dancing between feeling well and some kind of sickness or suffering. When we find ourselves meeting the issues of health and healing, we are often on uncertain ground. Uncertain ground can be the result or the cause of health issues. When healing is sought, being met with compassion and having the opportunity to tell the story of our health journey is essential. In my practice, I always have an ear for not just the objective aspects of health, but for the deep subjective journey of living and living through the challenges that life gives us. To that end, authentic listening, honoring and mindful support is a key part of my practice and is a standard part of the treatment and service time.