Men: On Work & Love

Men: On Work & Love

This is a post from Father’s Day 2008 which received a lot of responses. I thought it would be nice to share it once again.

Men: On Work & Love

 It is easy for men to find their sense of worth and esteem through work and their role as providers. There are many personal and social accolades to achieving the merit of effort and skill and for a lot of good reasons. The primary self knowledge men are initiated into our society is the mode of work.
Another capacity in men, which tends to under estimated, is in the ability to love and be present with others. The repercussions of men valuing this in themselves can not be measured and accounted for as material things can be counted. However, the great effect on the world can be considered when the idea is mentally magnified.
Imagine that 30% of the men in the your neighborhood  lived not just with the attitude of providing and work but knowing in themselves the importance of nurturing the community by being present and loving. Now imagine if that was 50%…. 70%…. 90%. Imagine how your neighborhood would look and feel differently.  We can also see the effect that the old story of absent fathers has by thinking about the deleterious effects of a scarcity of loving and present men. 

When I read Homer’s Odyssey at the age of 25, it gave me a wonderful gift. I was able to come to terms with not only the absences of my own father, but also with the long history of this drama over the centuries and millenia. Since that time, I have been committed to the notion of bringing the Father home in the deepest way that can be said.


So whether you are a man,or just  know and love some, I want to call out to everyone this small song of reflection. We can, together, remember that it is not just what men do that make them wonderful, but also it is their simple presence and capacity to love that keeps the world more alive.

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